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Box Top Math

As if being a homeschool mom was not a full time job, I still find other things to keep my life interesting.  In addition to my roles as wife, mom, and teacher I am a standardized testing coordinator and the box top collector for one of our homeschool groups.  You can see that all of these roles keep me very busy and my schedule can get hectic at times. 

It’s that time of year to submit our final box top submission for the school year.  So I enlist the help of my son Christopher.  He and I sit and divide the box tops into groups of ten.  As we sort and discard the expired box tops, we divide them  into the  bundles of 50 for shipping.  This is a great mother son activity and it keeps our brains sharp at the same time. 



All money raised goes to our homeschool support group.  The money is then used for scholarships for families that would like to participate in co-op but don’t have the financial means to do so.  It’s a great cause and so I don’t mind giving of my time to keep the program going.  If your child’s school or homeschool group participates, please donate.  A little goes a long way.